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The Tombworld wiki is a constant work in progress and group wiki. Everyone should feel free to update pages with new information as they see fit, as well as creating entirely new pages. Think of the wiki as a user generated group resource for the sessions as well as a repository for setting building fiction. Stories, rumors, histories, journals, and absolutely anything you can think of are all welcome here. This is your wiki. It can be as awesome as you would like it to be.

Atlas – Landmarks and major cities of note
Divinities – Deities and religions practiced by the denizens of the Tombworld
History – Wars and great events as recorded by the victors
Organizations – Guilds, Churches, Mercenary Companies, Cults, Tribes, and more

Skald’s Stone – Tales engraved by ancient scholars and humble hands alike. A repository for player stories.
Titan’s Rest Tavern – Jobs, gossip, drinks, clandestine goods and services. The finest bread, beer, and bed on Titan’s Crypt.

House Rules
Loot Division – We’ve got a lot of loot worth a lot of money to divvy up as fairly as we can. Stake a claim, keep a tally, be fair and just start with things you need.

Main Page

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