Human Empire of Ramsheart
Government: Patrilineal Absolute Monarchy
Ruler: Emperor Norris Belfrick VII

Giant Queendom of Cloudreach
Government: Matrilineal Constitutional Monarchy governed by Elected Parliament
Ruler: Queen Lanneth Stormhowl

Elven Dominion of Belar’en
Government: Oligarchic Gerontocracy
Ruler: The Eldest Council

Dwarven Citadel of Ahn
Government: Aristocratic Meritocracy
Ruler: High Craftsman Bladewain

Orcish Tribes of Brak’Dal
Government: Tribal Dictatorship
Ruler: Chief Yarduf rules the largest tribe, though each Chief is absolute ruler of his people

Centaur Clans of Khan’s Veldt
Government: Theocratic Confederacy
Ruler: Each Khan is the spiritual leader and ruler of each Clan. The Khans come together for mutual protection and to discuss spiritual matters for the good of the community.

Harpy Roost atop Eagle’s Spine
Government: Military Stratocracy
Ruler: General Shasa Skricka

Ogre Pens of Krattok’s Kiln
Government: Slave race subject to The Ramsheart Empire
Ruler: Emperor Norris Belfrick VII

Halfling State of Eastburrow
Government: Direct Democracy
Ruler: None. Citizen Volunteer Darbin Pipseed is trusted to guard and count the ballot box.

Gnomish Glade of Darbenrock
Government: Anarchistic Commune with Arbitration by Fae Law
Ruler: None. Or possibly the Dark Queen of the Fae depending on who you ask.

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