House Rules

Changes to the Skill Focus Feat: When you take Skill Focus in a particular skill and have at least one rank in that skill, that skill is not only considered trained but a class skill regardless of current or future class. If the Skill you are taking Skill Focus in was not previously a class skill, this does mean the +3 trained class skill bonus will stack with the +3 bonus of Skill Focus, making the initial boost +6 for untrained skills.

Generating Stats: To generate the stats for your character, perform the following steps.
1. Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die.
2. Repeat step 1 7 times.
3. Drop the lowest stat for your six attributes.
4. Assign your six stats in any order you choose.
5. You may request a mulligan from the GM if your rolled stats are quite poor, especially if you have no stat higher than a 15.

Favor Points: We will have a system of GM favor points. The criteria by which you earn points and what you can use them for will be specific and non whimsical, and are listed below.

Earning Favor – You can earn a maximum of two favor point per week by performing one or more of the listed actions below. There is no limit to the number of favor points you can bank.
1. Giving a summary of the event’s of the previous session at the start of the session will earn you a point.
2. Writing an entry in the Adventure Log summarizing the events of the session before next week’s session will earn you a point. Writing the log from your character’s perspective, perhaps as a journal, is encouraged but not required.
3. Submitting new content to the wiki, such as stories, a character update, artwork, or even a fun new page of your design will all earn a point.

Spending Favor – Each particular favor point ability has it’s own particular maximum limit on how often it can be used. Look to the description of each use for the timing.
1. Scene setting can be performed by any character at any time to help set the scene or establish a needed prop. Essentially, you can spend a favor point to request and clarify an aspect of the scene previously left vague or up to luck. Is there anything in this prison cell you might be able to turn into a shiv? A favor point says yes, most likely.
2. Critical fumbles can be reduced to a failure at the cost of a point. This ability is limited to once per session per the entire group, not per character. While the potential for critical disaster does exist, there are times when the chance of a die roll can spell disaster or total failure. A favor point can help avert that total catastrophe, but only somewhat.
3. A flat +3 bonus can be applied to any saving throw, skill check, combat rolls including attack and damage, and luck dice. A point can be spent to ask for this favor once per scene per player.
4. GM Intervention can be requested rarely and at high cost. For the price of two favor points I will avert catastrophe or retcon a tragic mistake or loss. This favor can only be requested once per campaign by each player.

Please note that the GM holds the right of plot veto for any scene setting or GM intervention requests that seem out of the ordinary or contrary to needed plot advancement. You’re requesting I grant a favor, I don’t need to say yes to every request. With that in mind have fun with them, because I plan to say yes to most of them. Even unreasonable requests can be entirely reasonable in context.

House Rules

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