The Divinities

Norriss – LG – God of Preservation, The Archivist, Guardian of the Final Bastion
Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection
- May be the oldest of the gods, save for the Source of All, or perhaps the Goddess of Secrets.
- The Archivist’s home plane is the Infinite Library, where he cultivates and saves knowledge and other things. The Infinite Library may contain nearly all knowledge in the Multiverse.
- It was Norriss who preserved what remains of the multiverse in the devastation following The Great War.
- The Infinite Library, or Infosphere, is the outermost layer of the lawful planes. It pretects the multiverse from the formless Chaos beyond.

Serana – LG – Goddess of Valor, Commander of the Golden Hordes
Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, War
- The grand and powerful Face of War
- Frequently the patron goddess of Paladins, judges, and the chivalrous. Statues depicting her are popular outside of courthouses.
- It was Serana who slew the Titan Baragost and brought peace to existence after the Great War.
- It is said she personally commands the Golden Horde of Archons on the front line of the Golden Battlefield.
- The Golden Battlefield is the penultimate plane of existance, where the valorous dead ascend upon death to join the eternal war against the chaos encroaching from beyond.

Dannar Goldtree – NG – God of the People, Folk Legend, The Enternal Wanderer
Community, Good, Strength, Travel, Trickery
- Only member of pantheon who was a man who became a god
- Youngest of the gods, or perhaps that distinction belongs to the Goddess of Secrets.
- Traditionalists believe that the cult of Dannar Goldtree has no legitimate claim to his divinity. It’s possible that some annals of history record him as a criminal instead of a hero.
- Some stories say he ascended to the Heavens as a God because even after he died he didn’t know how to stop righting wrongs. Other stories say he ascended in an eternal quest for love.
- Some sentimental stories say it was his love of the Spring Rain that brought him into the heavens.
- A heretical yet more popular tale has Goldtree fallen for the voice of the Singer of the Deep Songs. Fascinated, he follows her voice, inadvertantly righting wrongs in his quest for her.

Vyelta – NG – Goddess of the Heart, Matron of Healing Rains, Mother of Life
Charm, Good, Healing, Water, Weather
- The spring rains come during the growing season as the Goddess of the Heart sheds the mantle of the Cloak of Spring Rains.
- When the goddess found life within the tomb she took pity upon it, and labored to water and nurture for it a garden where the new life could find peace.

Trill and Krass – CG – Goddess and God of the Sun, The Lovers
Chaos, Fire, Good, Repose, Sun
- Trill is the female face, yellow, warm, life giving face of the growing season. One divine half of one star of the binary star system.
- Krass is the male face, black, shown only during an eclipse, blinding those who would look on the beauty of his wife in a jealous rage.
- The obedient avert their eyes during an eclipse, as the male half jealously asks that the world averts their eyes. Ancient ritual protecting the faithful from being blinded by an eclipse.

Ardrien – CG – Goddess of Freedom, The Liberator
Chaos, Community, Good, Liberation, Luck
- She frees the disenfranchised from their shackles. The temple of the Goddess of Liberation shelters runaways, promotes abolition, opposes the God of Slavery, and supports the meek.
- It was Ardrien who slew the titan Zunen, striking the first blow of the great war. Her Freedom was more powerful than its Purity, and the choice she made shattered an endless age of Stasis and sameness.

Krattok – LN – God of the Forge, The Great Maker
Artifice, Earth, Fire, Law, Strength
- Crafted the Mortal plane to banish the corpses of the Old Gods from the Universe. Our slow dying lives are lived within the corpse of long rotting Titans.
- No tool has been invented by man that has not always rested upon Krattok’s shelves.
- Krattok Creates and does not look back. He created our world and ordered it but he made it right the first time and turned away, uninterested in a project completed. His law is distant yet consistent.
- The Kilnhallow is the thirdmost shell of the Orderly Spheres. At the midpoint of the spheres facing out, Krattok sees only the endless war and the weapons that must be built and the repairs that must ceaselessly be made to the fabric of reality.

Berylan – LN – Goddess of Fortune, Lady Luck
Charm, Law, Luck, Nobility, Trickery
- Represents the grim and fickle reality of law as it stands, how circumstance determines your fortune and power according to your birth.
- The Gilded Manse is the fourth layer of the Orderly Spheres, just past the midpoint and looking in upon reality. From her vantage she can witness the evil being perpetrated upon the helpless world below by the fifth and sixth spheres.

The World Tree – TN – Deity of Magic and Nature, The Source of All
Animal, Healing, Madness, Magic, Plant
- Unthinking source of all life and magic. The unreasoning madness of sorcery and nature unbound.
- Breathed life into the tomb plane of the Old Gods as it breathed life into everything else. Life in the Material Plane could be likened to the bacteria flourishing in divine corpses.
- The Oldest of the divinity, save for perhaps the Goddess of Secrets. In the beginning, before the old gods, and before the war of the divinities, there was the tree.
- The World Tree rests within the Orderly Spheres of creation, thought to orbit opposite the moon above, yet forever invisible as one cannot see through the earth itself.

Ist – TN – Goddess of Balance, Bearer of the Argent Scale, Arbiter from On High, The Lady in the Moon
Darkness, Death, Destruction, Glory, Water
- The balance to the World Tree’s source, as it can only create, so must she remove to maintain the balance.
- Though Ist is Goddess of Death, the faithful do not curse her name. She claims lives with dispassion as she must, but it is believed that she treats souls within her care with the utmost respect.

Nyx – CN – God of Passages, The Careless One
Air, Chaos, Liberation, Repose, Travel
- Patron of runaways and the lost
- The Floating Fortress called Titan’s Crypt is said to have been blessed by the Careless One, who ordained its passage across the sky.
- Followers of Nyx embrace a philosophy more than a religion. They know their god has no cares in the world, not even for them. Letting go of all earthly worries is both more challenging and more freeing than one might expect.

Mephra – CN – Goddess of Upheaval, Mother of Discord
Chaos, Healing, Madness, Protection, War
- The beleaguered hopeful Face of War.
- Frequently depicted as rescuing an orphaned child, the God of Disasters, the Stormborn Child. A child of the enemy found on the battlefield of a great war of the gods.

Lachros – LE – God of Slavery, The Shackled Lord
Animal, Artifice, Evil, Law, Strength
- He wears a shackle for every life bound to him. In so doing he has control over a vast army of tortured souls, but is himself weighed down by the weight of countless shackles.
- With the death of the titan Zunen and the removal of absolute Purity from the universe, Lachros became enraged that the Titan Taraphon’s Entropy had begun to unmake all things. Lachros slew Taraphon and sank him deep into the Tombworld with great chains. It is said Lachros has never let go of a thing that is his, and may still be shackled to the corpse of the titan to this day.

Denuve – LE – Goddess of the Earth, Singer of the Deep Songs
Charm, Earth, Evil, Law, Protection
- Prayers are fearfully whispered to her in dark places beneath the earth. Dungeons, tombs, and caves are considered to belong to her.
- The Deep Songs sing of lost things beneath the earth. Lost magic, lost people, lost life. Hers is a dirge of loss and mystery.

Enoth – NE – God of Pestilence, The Writhing Plague
Air, Death, Evil, Plant, War
- The rotting senseless Face of War
- Though Ist, Goddess of Death, is well considered by those whom she takes, Enoth shares in no such adulation. While Ist can seem clean and surgical in whom she takes, Enoth is the death that creeps the streets and makes neighbor fearful of neighbor.
- It is said that dead soldiers left too long upon the battlefield are claimed by Enoth. A proper burial requires, if not cremation, at least a mass grave.

Sylene – NE – Goddess of Secrets, Holder of Whispers
Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Madness, Rune
- The secret of the Domain of Runes belongs to the Goddess of Secrets alone.
- The Archivist’s Infinite Library contains all known information in the multiverse, save for that which she has claimed as secret.
- In the beginning, there was the tree. Or, perhaps, the Lady. Her age is the best kept secret in existence. It is unclear whether she is older than the tree or younger than The Stormborn Child.
- One thing is known for certain about Sylene. It was she who slew the titan Lakk, extinguishing his Light and plunging the worlds into darkness. If she wished this to be secret it would be so. Consider that her single brag. Remember this the next time you find yourself in the dark. It is not natural. It is of her creation.

Attilon – CE – God of Disaster, The Stormborn Child
Community, Chaos, Evil, Luck, Weather
- A war orphan raised by the Goddess of Upheaval
- Youngest of the gods, save for the God of the People, a mortal and newcomer.
- The most devoted of the Priesthood have faced the storms and lost everything. Homes, families, possessions ripped to pieces and swept out to sea. It is said they see something in the storm.

Orann – CE – Goddess of Fury, The Balesun
Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Sun
- The Balesun is ascendant during the dry season. The cruel sun of the divine binary star system.
- Clever and hateful, Orann is the only god to have nearly succeeded at destroying the Lawful Spheres and returning Creation to Chaos. It is said The Great Desolation formed where his fury struck the Tombworld.

The Dead Titans

Zunen – Titan of Purity, slain first by Ardrien. The death of Zunen was the first blow in the long war, shattering the Great War into motion. The dead could live, men could become gods. Lines began to blur.

Taraphon – Titan of Entropy, slain second by Lachros. The corpse of Taraphon planted the seed of death in the Tombworld and the life that blossomed upon it. Even in death his rot seeks to end all things in time.

Lakk – Titan of Light, slain third by Sylene. The death of Lakk shrouded existence in darkness, which is why the Tombworld is lit only by the suns, the moon, and faint but distant stars.

Baragos – Titan of Strife, slain fourth by Serana. The death of Baragos was the final blow in the long war, ending the long strife that was the nature of the gods since the war began at the dawn of the first age.


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